What to Ask to Solo Ads Provider

Oct 20

I have some notes regarding what to ask to solo ads providers when I am doing my due diligences. Here’s my list: What is the percentage of Tier 1 traffic that you will be sending? Do you provide tracking stats? How many times <your product to market> has been advertised to your list (recent)? If recently been marketed, when would be the best next slot?...

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Solo Ads Results So Far

Oct 10

Below is the results so far this month:   So, it does work and I am promoting this product only with the solo ads. ROI you ask? Well, that’s the thing. I spend about $250, so return is not that great and I am spending my own time also; however, the customers are in the sales funnel and might purchase more in the future. I am thinking that I just recouped...

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