This is my journey notes/journal of my digital marketing adventure.

I have been in website building and SEO ventures several years and worked on quite a few number of my friends’ and customers’ website. Almost all of them have regular, bread and butter type of businesses – physically existing and working “in the business” 5 days or more a week. As you know, doing SEO and basic marketing for them is not that difficult for these kind of business.

Now I am going apply things I’ve learned over years to my own “internet marketing” websites: SEO, digital downloads, affiliate sales and non-tangible product website. And I have not launched these websites yet as of this writing/typing…

I am starting with no-list and existing customers to see what I can do for my own business.

Since I am not a native speaker, you WILL find many grammatical mistakes, strange sentences and phrases.

Well, forgive me, please.


September, 2015