Solo Ads Provider Interview Checklist

Oct 20

I have some notes regarding what to ask to solo ads providers when I am doing my due diligences. Here’s my list: What is the percentage of Tier 1 traffic that you will be sending? Do you provide tracking stats? How many times <your product to market> has been advertised to your list (recent)? If recently been marketed, when would be the best next slot?...

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I Made Money Already

Oct 10

Below is the results so far this month:   So, it does work and I am promoting this product only with the solo ads. ROI you ask? Well, that’s the thing. I spend about $250, so return is not that great and I am spending my own time also; however, the customers are in the sales funnel and might purchase more in the future. I am thinking that I just recouped...

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Another Day in Paradise

Sep 30

I am not sure about your case, I’d say 50% of solo ads providers that I have contacted are either: very slow to respond (2-3 days) to my emails too busy (too lazy?) to answer to all of my questions or not reading my requests Why is that? Thus I’ll shoot multiple (at least two) inquiries to providers every day. So I can minimize my downtime. No traffic,...

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I’ll Let You Know How You Can Help Me

Sep 29

Not sure if I am just unlucky or just do not know how to talk/chat to people. I contacted this solo ads vendor and asked my standard questions 4 or 5 of it – of course, nicely and his response was: wish i had time to answer your other questions but I’m really busy… hopefully my testimonials speak for themselves. ┬áLet me know how I can help....

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Solo Ads Hunting – another problem

Sep 28

I am currently running very first solo ads; however, I am in process of finding another vendor. Aaand, an issue with the vendor. the conversation over facebook went smooth and price is a bit high; however, I’ve seen other people’s comments and his traffic’s opt-in rate was pretty good. After paying him and went on chatting further and found out his...

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I’m very nervous and excited

Sep 26

It seems like my first solo ads just went live – I am getting some opt-ins. I only bought 300 clicks to test, it might not lead to sales; however, I can at least verify: uniqueness of clicks (duplicate/unique) where the lead is coming from (region such as US, UK, etc.) and opt-in rate! I’ll report my results here...

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