Very First Solo Ad Try…

Sep 24

It just did not go right. My very first solo ad trigger got jammed/stuck or a mis-fire.

The solo ad provider’s ad page did not really have clear instructions. It just had some testimonials and menu choices along with his e-mail address to inquire further.

Then (stupid of me) I paid it via paypal first and received an email from him next day telling me to add him as a friend on facebook and asking for where to send the traffic to. I sent an email along with my questions:


Thanks for reaching out to me.
I sent a friend request over facebook. Sorry, I am not really a facebook user and may be doing something wrong.
anyway, I just started the program called YYYYY – probably you know. The solo ad that I purchased from you is for that purpose.
I have never done affiliate sales nor using solo ads before…
I am starting with 200 clicks as a test. I do not really have swipe thing other than the stuff provided by YYYYY.
Do you have something knowing works good for YYYYY, I prefer you use them.
The tutorial in the YYYYY told me to ask you if you are running YYYYY solo ads for others currently or very recently.
Obviously I do not want to bomb people with the same ads – I really have to rely on your experiences and professionalism when/how to run the traffic.
Please let me know what kind of information, materials you would need from me other than the link and when you could start running the traffic as well as how long would it take to reach the said clicks.

Then he replied to me relatively quickly:

add me again on

and message me.  
You just need to give me your link for the funnel clicks..  
where is it I am supose to send traffic to?

I think I sent my friend request, and I sent him another message over facebook.

Nothing. Two days later, I sent him another email:

I’ve sent a message via facebook two days ago since I do not know how to add you.

As I told you, I’m a facebook newbie and I do not know how to do things – but I’m thinking you are disabling some people to add you as a friend as I do not see “Add Friend” button in the “DO YOU KNOW XXXX” box.
Please provide me following information:
do you provide tracking stats?
how many times the YYYYY funnel has been advertised to your list that you’ll be using for my soloads traffic?
can I take look at sample of your email that you’ll be sending to your list for my solo ads clicks?

Finally I got my response:

look man it takes you 2 days to reply to my emails..  

I do not see you adding me on facebook.   or sending me a message.   
You do not even give me your link…  newbie or not ..  how hard is it to understand what I said?
I going to just refund you as you do not give me anywhere to send the traffic to..  like WTF man. 

Wow. He never bothered to check his message box nor answer to my question and kept asking me the link to send the traffic to… At least he refunded me the fee. So I decided to look for another provider. Spending money is very difficult….