Solo Ads Hunting – another problem

Sep 28

I am currently running very first solo ads; however, I am in process of finding another vendor.

Aaand, an issue with the vendor. the conversation over facebook went smooth and price is a bit high; however, I’ve seen other people’s comments and his traffic’s opt-in rate was pretty good.

After paying him and went on chatting further and found out his traffic’s tier 1 ratio is 20%-30%. I think he knew that I was trapped:
This is what he told me:

But the Around The World packages are not 70% Tier1
Only 20%-30%
The picture in my website means that my whole list include 70% Tier1 traffic
Maybe you can order a smaller package of Tier1
But it’s up to you

The reason why I thought it’s about 70% is:


Why Should You Buy My Traffic?

  • Fresh leads are added to my list daily include buyers.
  • I guarantee the amount of unique clicks that you purchase and over it.
  • Your clicks will be delivered within 48-72 hours but most of time much faster.
  • My subscribers are mostly from premium countries (US/UK/CA/AU).

Sure, it does not say he’ll regular package is not 70% of tier 1 but it also does not say it’s 20-30%.

I think his testimonials are from the people who purchased tier 1 package.

Ans I strongly believe he’s also purchasing traffic from other vendor and profiting charging more to his customer. (yes, his traffic is “VERY” expensive… in the end if you purchase tier 1.)