Solo Ads Provider Interview Checklist

Oct 20

I have some notes regarding what to ask to solo ads providers when I am doing my due diligences. Here’s my list:

  • What is the percentage of Tier 1 traffic that you will be sending?
  • Do you provide tracking stats?
  • How many times <your product to market> has been advertised to your list (recent)?
  • If recently been marketed, when would be the best next slot?
  • Can I take look at sample of your email that you’ll be sending to your list for my solo ads clicks?
  • Can you guarantee the delivery be completed in NOT LESS than 2 days and NOT MORE THAN 7 per 100 clicks?

At minimum, if they cannot answer to first four, I won’t order ads from them.

Do you have anything to add to the list? I’m all ears 🙂