5 Best CRM Mobile Apps for Doing Business on the Go

May 30

Entrepreneurs today are busier than ever, working even when they’re away from the office. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program goes a long way in helping to keep track of client information, manage data on deals (both past and present) while still having access to all the tools they require to stay productive.

But with more businesspeople professionals on the go, there is a growing need for comprehensive mobile CRM apps that will give them a competitive edge. Here’s a list of the top five:

1. Agile

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This CRM platform can easily automate your company’s marketing, sales, and customer service. The Agile mobile app also lets users get a real-time idea of your business process, track deals and manage relevant milestones. Managing tasks becomes simpler as the app allows users to check pending items, create new tasks, manage and respond to social media mentions, start email campaigns, place calls to customers and jot down notes minutes before a meeting. This CRM app is available for both Android and iOS. While it’s free for up to 10 users, you’ll need to sign up for the Premium plan if you want more people to use the app. Price: Starts at $8.99/month/user (also offers free service)

2. amoCRM

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This cloud-based CRM solution assists users in managing their sales pipeline. They can receive reports and feedback regarding the performance of other people on the team, sales analytics, email integration, and lead scoring. AmoCRM also lets users organize their contacts and deals using unique tags and customized fields. Existing customer details are also uploaded from databases like Gmail and Outlook. The app can be downloaded on any Android or iOS devices. Price: Starts a $15/month/user

3. HubSpot CRM

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HubSpot initially made its mark developing marketing automation tools. Now the company has brought its expertise to customer management with Hubspot CRM, widely considered one of the best free CRM apps today. Get the information you need about a client or company by simply adding a contact’s name and email address or a company’s domain name. You can also customize fields by dragging and dropping them in the order you want. Use Hubspot CRM alone or alongside the company’s premier marketing services. Price: Starts at $50/month (also offers free service)

4. Pipedrive

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Sales teams will undoubtedly find Pipedrive a godsend. The CRM platform is designed around activity-based selling. The app’s primary interface allows users to stay organized and in total control of the sales process. With the Pipedrive app, you can arrange and manage your contacts and to-do lists via a simple search. Get access to your deal history, create new tasks and take down notes wherever and whenever. What’s more, any changes made using the mobile app is immediately synced to the Pipedrive web platform. The program runs on both iOS and Android systems. Price: Start at $15/month

5. Salesforce

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Salesforce is the largest CRM platform out on the market today. And now the company is extending its features to mobile. Take advantage of its easy to assemble custom apps and create features that are perfectly aligned with you and your client’s requirements. The app also allows you to easily access crucial CRM information, productivity tools, and customizations anywhere. Your dashboards and reports are also on-hand whenever you need them, thus ensuring that you have everything you need to make an informed decision. Salesforce is available for both iOS and Android systems. Price: Starts at $25/month

A mobile CRM app can do wonders for your company’s productivity and sales pipeline. While the five mobile apps we listed above work well for most entrepreneurs, there are dozens of CRM systems on the market to choose from. Depending on what you need to track and how you manage your team, you may find another app that suits you better.┬áSo do your due diligence and carefully research your options before choosing.

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