Amazon Wants to Break into Your Home and Car for Package Delivery

Oct 17

While Amazon has already streamlined its delivery process to near perfection, reports of missing or stolen packages left at the recipient’s doorstep are still ongoing. The online retail giant is now considering a new strategy it hopes will eliminate the problem once and for all. In the works are plans that would allow Amazon to deliver packages right inside the recipient’s home or drop the packages inside their car’s trunks even when they’re not present.

According to CNBC, Amazon is now in advanced talks with Phrame to come up with a system to carry out the new plan. Phrame is a maker of “smart” license plate frames which comes with a compartment for storing keys that can be unlocked using a smartphone. Amazon wants to harness the technology even further by enlisting Phrame’s help in creating a system that will allow delivery personnel to access a car’s trunk after remote authorization by its owner.

Aside from trunk deliveries, Amazon is said to be also exploring the possibility of some type of a smart doorbell service. According to Engadget, the company partnered with August, a San Francisco-based smart lock maker and Garageio, an Ohio-based smart home garage door firm, to develop a way to grant delivery drivers temporary access to a recipient’s home to drop off packages inside.

It is still unclear just how keen Amazon is on exploring the two options since CNBC’s report merely cited an unnamed source who has knowledge of the deal. According to a survey by August, around 11 million U.S. households have reported their deliveries as stolen since 2016.

The problem isn’t confined to Amazon deliveries alone as other retailers are also trying to curb unattended package theft among their customers. Just last month, WalMart announced an in-home delivery service in partnership with August.

[Feauted Image by Amazon]