Amazon Web Services Improves AI for New Consultancy Program

Nov 27

Amazon has rolled out a consultancy program with the goal of assisting consumers with cloud machine learning. The company plans to do this by connecting clients with their own experts.

Dubbed the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, it helps clients unfamiliar with machine learning to find beneficial and efficient uses of it for their company. Amazon plans to do this by integrating brainstorming with workshops to help clients understand machine learning by cloud better. The company will also be utilizing its experts to act as advisors to clients. Together they will work through the problems the company will face and then come up with machine learning-based resolutions. Amazon’s cloud experts will also be checking in with the company weekly to see how the project progresses.

No two solutions will be alike though, as the ML Solutions Lab will work according to the needs of the business. For instance, Amazon could send their developers on site if the client wants a more hands-on approach or clients could go to AWS’ Seattle headquarters for training.

How long the ML Solutions Lab will work with the company will also depend on the client. But it’s expected to last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Companies that have more experience with machine learning can avail of the ML Solutions Lab Express. It’s an expedited program that runs for a month and begins with a 7-day intensive bootcamp in Amazon headquarters. However, this program is only offered to companies with machine-learning quality data since it’s geared towards feature engineering and building models swiftly.

Amazon has not shared any details yet on how much the program will cost companies. No information has been posted on its website yet and company representatives are reportedly not responding to any requests at the moment.

Vinayak Agarwal, Amazon’s senior product manager for AWS Deep Learning, pointed out in a blog post that the company has been immersed in machine learning for the past two decades. He also added that Amazon has pioneered innovations in areas like forecasting, logistics, supply chain optimization, personalization and fraud prevention.

Agarwal further enjoined clients to take a closer look at the Amazon recommendations and fraud prevention ML Solutions Labsaying that they will have access to the experts that developed most of the company’s machine learning-based products and services.

The Amazon ML Solutions Lab is being offered to customers worldwide. However, the ML Solutions Lab Express is currently exclusive to US clients.

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[Featured image via Amazon Web Services]