Deepak Chopra Delivering Reflections on Alexa via LivePerson

Nov 09

Personal transformation guru and popular author Deepak Chopra has partnered with LivePerson to provide insights on demand through Amazon Alexa. “I have this little microphone attached to this little phone and I just speak out to what I’m thinking and what my intention for the day is,” says Chopra, “It’s recorded here and it goes to LivePerson and then it’s on Alexa. It’s all done very efficiently and smoothly and it’s part of my daily routine now.” Each morning, through LivePerson’s conversational tools, Dr. Chopra shares new reflections for the day to center himself and his followers.

“Our mission is to make life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands,” said Robert Coverdale, Head of LivePerson Studios. “We help the most innovative brands on earth create new business models with the possibilities available in conversational interfaces like text messaging and voice assistants. Now, we have taken the same design and AI tools we used to create and scale those experiences and made them available to individuals with large followings. Our first step is launching with Dr. Chopra, who, like us, understands and values the use of AI to make more human connections.”

Deepak Chopra recently discussed his LiveNation Alexa partnership on Fox Business:

Sharing Reflections on Alexa via LivePerson

For the last 40 years, I’ve been sharing my insights or reflections, meditations with people. It started with friends, then family, then social media, and now Alexa. It wasn’t planned but I start my day with a few reflections and intentions, a joyful energetic body, love and compassion in the heart, clarity of mind, lightness of being. Then I expand on that and somehow Alexa picked it up through LivePerson.

I think setting an intention or even asking yourself a simple question is enough. You don’t have to actually concentrate and having a specific intention. If you ask yourself, what do I want for me today or for the world or for my kids, you will already have a response there. That brings clarity to your intention and if you start letting go and settle in your being then that intention organizes its own fulfillment through synchronicity. That’s a well-known spiritual tradition.

The Internet is Our Global Brain

I think the technology is going to be the next phase of our evolution for higher consciousness if we want it. Technology can be destructive as you know. Technology can also create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, and joyful world.

What we see as the Internet, that’s our global brain right now. If I send an abusive tweet, let’s say, to somebody in Africa, I could give them high blood pressure just by doing that. On the other hand, I send them an emoticon with a hug, it could give them a dopamine hit. Technology is bringing together the collective brain. The Internet is the human condition. If you don’t like what is happening in the world then we have to change that interconnectivity.

A More Peaceful, Just, Sustainable, Healthier, Joyful World

LivePerson is already looking at recruiting other influencers. We need a critical mass of people who want a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world. That can only happen if we collectively have that intention and rewire our collective brain, which is the Internet. It’s our brain.

I do a morning meditation which is always preceded by four questions. Who am I? What do I want? What’s my purpose? What am I grateful for? Then something comes up.

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