Early Signs of a New Google Update This Morning

Nov 16

Search expert Barry Schwartz reported in his weekly video update that there are early signs that Google is rolling out another search algorithm update this morning.

Early Signs of a New Google Update

“There are early signs this morning of a possible Google update that is starting to roll out,” said Schwartz. “It’s very early but there are a number of signals both the chatter in the forums and in the SEO community as well as some ranking tools that were updated already that definitely show some signs of a Google update. Some are saying it’s just in the U.K. which I kind of doubt.”

Google News Publishing Issue Resolved

Schwartz also talked about a problem that Google News publishers noticed earlier in the week. “Google News publishers have been complaining about indexing issues,” noted Schwartz. “I saw that with my own two eyes. Basically what would happen is you would publish a story and then it wouldn’t be found in Google News or Google Search. It wasn’t every story, it was some stories.”

“Usually when a Google News publisher, especially one that has trust, value, and so forth, publishes something pretty much within a matter of seconds or minutes are found in Google Web Search and Google News Search,” he said. “That has been an issue the last couple of weeks. Google has been addressing it and has said they fixed it and they’ve said it again, three times in the forum thread. It does seem to be resolved I believe.”

“When you publish something you want to see within nine minutes or less that your article is found in web search and Google News,” added Schwartz. “If it’s not there is an issue. Google has made some tweaks to address the issue and it seems like Google has fixed the issue.”

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