Facebook Reveals ‘Privacy Principles’ in Preparation for New Data Protection Laws

Jan 29

Facebook is taking more steps to improve privacy for its users. For the first time, the social media giant will publish its privacy principles or guidelines that reveal how user info is stored and shared. In addition, the company will introduce a new, more visible Privacy Center to make it easier for users to change their privacy settings.

As Facebook is preparing for the new data protection laws enacted in Europe, the tech company is now making it easier for users to control their privacy setting. Its new Privacy Center will be a single place that allows users to control the visibility of their personal data.

These new measures are Facebook’s response to feedback from policymakers, users, as well as data security experts. As Facebook’s chief privacy officer Erin Egan puts it, “Privacy controls are only powerful if you know how to find and use them.”

Aside from the more visible Privacy Center, Facebook has made its privacy principles public. The company’s announcement was done ahead of the General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) implementation in Europe.

“We recognize that people use Facebook to connect, but not everyone wants to share everything with everyone – including with us,” the company explained in its blog post. |It’s important that you have choices when it comes to how your data is used.”

There were seven privacy principles announced by Facebook. Among the seven, however, two principles seem to stand out and would likely impact how user privacy plays out in the future.

“You own and can delete your information,” says Facebook’s fifth principle. The company added that it would ultimately be its user’s decision on what to share and whom to share it with.

Also, its last principle simply says, “We are accountable.” However, it is unclear if the company is owning accountability for future data breaches, but it asserts that it will put “products through rigorous data security testing.”

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