Facebook Takes Steps to Clarify Ad Metrics in Light of Complaints from Advertisers

Feb 23

Facebook is finally taking steps to address advertisers’ concerns regarding ad performance. In the interest of transparency, the social media giant is set to clean up its ad metrics and clarify how campaigns are measured.

Advertisers have been raising questions about Facebook’s metrics, prompting the company to admit to errors in how ad performance is measured.

On Wednesday, Facebook revealed in a blog post that it will start labeling particular metrics in the Ads Manager as either in development or estimated. It will also be taking out around 20 metrics that are described as “redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used.”

A complete list of these metrics has been posted, along with explanations for their removal and possible replacements. For example, Button Clicks will be removed because of redundancy. As it turns out, its metrics intersect with others like Event Responses, Link Clinks, and Offers Saved. Facebook is recommending any of the aforementioned three instead of Button Clicks.

Another change that Facebook will be doing is the labeling of metrics. Some metrics will be clearly labeled as either “estimated” or/and “in development.” Apparently, metrics not defined specifically as estimates have led to confusion among marketers. These metrics are calculated by using sampling or data modeling.

Meanwhile, “in development” means the metrics are still in the process of being tested or rolled out. This implies that their results could change as the company tweaks its methodologies. Marketers won’t be receiving any notifications about changes or fixes Facebook would be making to this type of metrics.

The two labels can be seen in the tool tips in Ads Manager and in the column selector for ads appearing on Facebook, its sister company Instagram, and the Facebook Audience Network.

To assist advertisers and marketers in understanding the upcoming changes, Facebook will be launching “Measure What Matters” in a few weeks. The training program will offer two tracks—one for measuring branding focused campaigns and another for direct response marketing campaigns.

According to the company’s Facebook page, each track will draw data from analysis and research “across creative planning, ad delivery, cross-channel measurement and video measurement.” Marketers can have access to this information through in-person events and on Facebook Live. Participants can also check it on the Facebook Business site.

These changes are expected to be rolled out sometime in July. While it will take time to see improvements, Facebook is hoping that these enhancements will boost advertisers’ confidence in the site.

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