Kevin David Reveals His Proven Method for Making Money With Facebook Ads

Jan 07

One of the keys to making money with Facebook ads is to create and test 100 Facebook ad sets per day, says Kevin David who has become a successful entrepreneur by utilizing this strategy.

David explains precisely how he increases spending on the profitable ad sets and shuts off the unprofitable ad sets using automation rules built right into Facebook. He says there is no need to use third-party tools, simply use the tools Facebook already has in place.

Kevin David, who now trains others how to start a viral Amazon business selling everyday products, was recently interviewed by successful affiliate marketer Benjamin Yong at the Affiliate World Conference in Bangkok. Below is one strategy David revealed: (Video Interview Below)

Create 100 Facebook Ad Sets Per Day

Creating 100 Facebook ad sets per product for ecommerce is probably overkill. Realistically, $250 a day, which is 100 ad-sets times $2.50 per ad set a day is not that much money. So even if you’re spending $250 a day on ecommerce what’s that’s going to allow you to do is just get results faster. You could do ten ad sets a day but it’s gonna take you ten days. Or you can do 100 ad sets a day and it’s going to take you three days. You’re going to have your proven winners, so it’s just faster.

If you can do it the lazy easy way, which is just images, by making some really sleek 3D-rendered beautiful images, you don’t even need to go crazy and create videos. Even if you do create videos, all you need is a basic video that has the ability to go viral, that appeals to emotion, is fun and funny, has one of those things. Then all you need is six images and one video.

Use Facebook’s Automation Rules

No third party tools are necessary. You can do all of this with Facebook’s automation rules. You don’t need to have external tools, you can use automation rules inside of Facebook. People just don’t know it exists. Everyone’s looking for that little hack but Facebook has it all available for you. People just don’t know how to do it.

All you have to do is use the Create Multiple Ad Sets and then you just use automation rules to govern all of your different ad sets based on the criteria that you’ve set.

Scale Ads With a Positive ROAS by 21% Every 3 Days

The first rule is If an ad set has a positive ROAS, a positive return on ad spend of over one, I scale that ad by 21% every three days. With Facebook you can’t just scale something by 1000% because you just won’t spend the same, you’ll get penalized, you won’t have the same results. You won’t have profitable ad sets.

What I’ve found through a lot of testing is the most you can scale is about 20% a day. I figured that the smartest people who’ve learned that are doing it by 20% and so I’m doing it by 21% to try and be one step ahead of them.

When to Turn Unprofitable Ads Off

The second rule is how I turn things off. Since I’m running $2.50 per ad set I set an automation rule that turns off all active ad sets if they meet two criteria. The first criteria is if they’ve spent more $7.50, which means they have been running for three days, three days of $2.50 a day. The second criteria are if they have less than one lead.

It depends on what your business is. Maybe it’s less than one purchase or maybe it’s less than one lead, depending on how high ticket what you’re selling is. I know my funnel and I know that if I can get a lead for under $7.50 then it’s worth spending that money because I trust my funnel so well, but everyone has to know their own business. If it’s an ecommerce product, maybe you know it’s going to be different depending on how high ticket it is.

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