Meet Lift, by Sprout Social

Nov 09

Earlier this year, Sprout Social and Twitter announced a deepening of our partnership and a commitment to work closely together to bring unique, new solutions to market. Sprout Social co-founder and CEO Justyn Howard expressed, “Innovation with Twitter remains a top priority at Sprout and we look forward to co-developing and co-marketing new products together.” Today we’re excited to take another step forward.

Meet Lift, by Sprout Social—a new subscription service developed in partnership with Twitter and available exclusively through the Sprout platform as a premium add-on to any Sprout package. Lift is designed to intelligently amplify your business’ organic Tweets making it easier to reach, engage and grow your target audience. With a flat monthly fee and no sophisticated ad mechanics to manage, Lift is a fresh approach to social advertising.

Promote Mode represents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach and engage their audience with an always-on amplification engine. In a first to market innovation, the Twitter and Sprout product teams worked together to create Lift by Sprout Social. Built on top of Promote Mode, Lift’s multi-tiered solution makes the engine available to a wider array of businesses through an integration into Sprout’s user-friendly social marketing platform.

Wook Chung
Director, Product Management at Twitter

Take the Guesswork out of Tweet Promotion

Lift is built on top of Twitter’s Promote Mode, an always on amplification engine. With multiple tiers of advertising access and simple targeting, Lift optimizes for reach and is designed to grow with you. No need to dial your budget up (or down) per campaign; just choose a plan and keep Tweeting.

Lift by Sprout Social plans

After picking your plan and defining some basic targeting criteria, you just keep Tweeting and Lift will do the rest—taking the guesswork out of Tweet promotion. Sprout customers will be able to enroll as many profiles as they want into Lift and easily manage them all from a centralized dashboard and single funding source—great for corporate-to-local media planning.

Tweet, Promote, Engage & Measure from One Platform

Lift begins with an organic Tweet and drives real, measurable reach and engagement. With Sprout Social’s Twitter integration, you have the tools you need to manage it all—one platform to plan your Tweets, enroll and manage profiles in Lift, engage with your audience and measure the impact.

Sprout’s publishing tools make it easy to schedule all your Tweets in advance through our comprehensive content calendar. With incremental Lift on your Tweets, use the Smart Inbox to  manage and engage with profile activity. And measure the overall impact of your Lift subscription with the Lift by Sprout Social Report, available for free with every plan.

Lift by Sprout Social Report

Real, Measurable ROI

In a private 90-day beta program this summer, a select group of Sprout customers representing a wide range of industries and business sizes started using Lift and they’ve seen impressive results more than doubling both reach and engagements. The beta group, which included over 25 unique Twitter profiles with follower counts ranging from 500 to over 100,000, saw an average lift of 108.5% in impressions and 102% in engagements.

Sprout & Twitter Working Together

With Lift, we’re thrilled to provide an effective and approachable advertising solution for brands and businesses looking to increase their reach and grow their audience. Howard adds, “A cornerstone of Sprout and Twitter’s partnership is our joint desire to develop social tools that help brands become better marketers and create stronger relationships with their customers. Brands worldwide will use these tools to increase their reach on Twitter, find and engage in meaningful conversations and prove the business value of their efforts.”

To get started, go here. If you’re already a Sprout subscriber, reach out to your representative to learn more.

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