Microsoft Teams Gets a Big Update, Features New App Store

Jan 30

Microsoft is adding cool new features to its Teams collaboration tool. The update is touted to be the “biggest single release of new functionality” since it launched last year and will bring a new app store, new search, discovery, and integration features, as well as new Slack-like commands.

The update will also present users with new ways to find apps in the new app store. Users can now search apps by name, integration type, or simply browse the list of available apps by category.

Users familiar with Slack will note that the Microsoft Teams competitor has its own app directory that highlights tools applicable to team collaboration. Teams, however, highlights apps that users frequently access or that have been added by their organization.

The update also introduced a new personal app space; a place where you can view your apps as well as items and tasks assigned to you across Jira Cloud or Planner. In addition, you can now include information from apps to your messages with the use of interactive cards. According to Microsoft, “You can search for a specific task in Trello, a work item in Wrike, or a weather forecast, and include an interactive card with that information into a message.”

Another Slack-like feature that the Microsoft Teams update introduced is the slash command. With slash command, you can perform tasks, navigate Teams, set your status to “Away,” call a co-worker and add team users.

Teams users also have “@” commands. By typing “@” in the command box, it displays a list of apps that you can either query or command.

Microsoft announced that the Teams update has started rolling out yesterday. However, it may take some time before every user gets the new features.

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