Microsoft Updates “A Cloud for Global Good” Doc – Hoping to Build a More Trusted and Inclusive cloud

Jan 11

Microsoft today released a 2018 version of “A Cloud for Global Good” this morning. “The beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future,” stated Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer in a blog post.

Smith adds, “It’s in this spirit that today we are releasing an updated A Cloud for Global Good, a policy road map for governments, industry and civil society to consider as they realize the opportunities and address the challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new version, which updates the edition we released in October 2016, reflects our rapidly changing world and recent advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed reality and other cloud-enabled technologies.”

Microsoft continues to hope that this book of policy recommendations is used by governments and industry as a manifesto of sorts for inclusion and policy standardization for global good. “There is still much work to do if we are truly going to create a cloud for global good,” explains Smith. “It is a big responsibility for every government, every business and every technology company. It certainly is a big responsibility for Microsoft.”

The key tenants of A Cloud for Global Good are responsibility and inclusion. The document wants governments around the world to be more responsible in the areas of human rights, public safety, technology crime, and environmentally. It also is looking to potential future issues concerning artificial intelligence. Microsoft also is promoting governments to ensure an affordable internet, retraining for those who hold potentially automated jobs, and wants projection to insure inclusion for those with disabilities.

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