#SproutChat Recap: Essential Tools for Community Managers

Dec 01

Communities vary from brand to brand. Some live strictly on social while others, like support-focused communities, commonly live on forums or private access sites. Whether or not the communities you manage live on social, it’s important to understand what tools and resources you’ll need to make your job a breeze.

In this week’s #SproutChat, we discussed the differences between a social media manager and community manager, tracking community metrics and significant differences in the types of communities amongst brands.

Similar, yet Different

While there may appear to be a ton of crossover between social media managers and community managers, there are key differences between the two roles. Social media managers are responsible for being the brand and brand voice on social, while community managers represent themselves on behalf of the brand.

Not All Communities Are the Same

Communities can range from advocacy to awareness to support. While they all have different objectives, it’s important to note that they all require consistent engagement from the start. Your communities may not be self sufficient from the get-go and can require a little TLC.

Track Metrics for Your Goals

As with anything in marketing, you’ll want to track key metrics in the community you manage. Define objectives that align with your organization’s overall goals. Work with teams or departments that overlap with your community and see if you can help them achieve any of their goals, as well.

These Skills Are a Must-Have

Every individual works differently, but there are some skills that every Community Manager will need to utilize at some point in their career. From excellent communication skills to empathy, you will be working with people on the daily so possessing certain skill sets can only help you along the way.

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