#SproutChat Recap: Marketing Predictions for 2018

Feb 02

Social media is a constantly evolving space, with some changes being more drastic than others. Predictions were made before 2018 of what marketing would look like this year and with the new year underway, we took time talk about how these trends will actually pan out.

From Facebook to influencer marketing to video contentβ€”participants weighed in with their two cents as marketing professionals.

Community, Not Audience

Marketers know they have to flex when it comes to social platforms, but Facebook’s latest news had brands in a fluster. Utilizing a mixture of quality content, investing in your existing relationships and some paid budget can help you as Facebook updates their algorithm.

The Turn to Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing saw quite a bit of movement in 2017, but the shift to micro-influencers will be noticeable this year. Brands will turn to their biggest brand champions, where they have existing relationships, rather than use big names with no connection to the brand.

Video Is Here to Stay

Marketers have come around and fully embraced video in their social content strategies. In 2018, we continue to see this trend going strong with a particular focus on live streaming. Social is the most real-time marketing channel out there, so time is of the essence with this feature.

Crafting the Story

Storytelling has always been vital for brands, but teams will be even more pressed to create narratives that do well in ephemeral messaging. Brands will have to dig deeper and find ways to engage with their audience even further.

Join us next Wednesday to talk with Sprout All Star Elite, Erika Heald, about the value of supporting customer stories with case studies. Until then, be sure to join our Facebook community to connect with other social media marketers.

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