#SproutChat Recap: The Ins & Outs of Webinars

Dec 23

Webinars can be an effective method for reaching new audiences and providing new leads for your sales team. But how exactly do brands take on webinars? In this week’s #SproutChat, we covered reasons for hosting a webinar, logistics for partnering with guests and best practices for keeping an audience engaged.

Provide New Leads With Webinars

Webinars are traditionally used as a demand gen tactic that provide new leads to sales teams. As a social media marketer, you can always add a social component to boost engagement.

Keep It Engaging

The last thing that you want as a webinar host is having attendees drop off before the midway mark. Find a cadence that sets an engaging environment for attendees, either by soliciting questions or encouraging conversation on social media.

Establish Relationships

Go beyond keeping your audience engaged and partner with other companies that are adjacent, but non-competitors, to co-host a webinar. Tap your advocates or community members to create more of an intimate feel that feels more like a panel than talking heads.

Utilize Contact Information

Knowing what to do with contact information post webinar is important. Rather than just hand them off to your sales team think about the best way to start communication as to keep the conversation going.

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