Twitter Announces New Enterprise-Level API

Jan 11

Twitter is making big changes to its API that could greatly benefit developers. On Tuesday, the San Francisco-based social media giant announced that it has rolled out an enterprise version of its Account Activity API, allowing developers greater access to the activity data such as mentions, retweets, and likes.

Twitter has had its fair share of criticism for missteps in developer relations. In the past, it encouraged the integration of third-party apps on its platform but later backtracked by placing crippling restrictions on them. The company also offered free developer tools only to go against its word by selling them instead and had abruptly canceled several of its developer conferences.

It now appears that Twitter is trying to make amends for past blunders. Its recent announcement is seen as an initial step toward a larger revamp and expansion of its API and the rebuilding of its relationship with developers.

The new enterprise Account Activity API  hints of Twitter’s commitment to making developer-focused improvements. With the new API in place, it will be easier for developers to create apps for chatbots and customer service interface.

Previously, developers could only access the full set of activities of a specific account using the old Account Activity API. With the new enterprise API in place, however, developers will now have access to a larger number of accounts, and other useful data such as retries.

Meanwhile, Twitter has now reclassified view typing indicators and read receipts of Direct Messages as activities that developers can access via the Account Activity API. The ultimate aim of these additions is to make it easier for developers to finetune their apps and create a more personalized customer chat experience.

Direct Messages (DM) will also be eased out of the beta. To create a more streamlined process, DM will be replaced by a suite of developer tools such as Buttons on messages, Welcome Messages, Customer Feedback Cards, Quick Replies and Custom Profiles.

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