We’ve Gotten Enormous Benefits From the Digital World, But Trust Has Really Suffered, Says SAP CEO

Feb 08

SAP CEO Bill McDermott released a video message on Twitter saying that “trust has really suffered” despite the “enormous benefits from the digital world.”

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, discussed his concerns about trust in the digital world in a Twitter video:

I think trust has really suffered. In many ways, we’ve gotten enormous benefits from the digital world. In fact, you can stay connected to everybody, almost every place, by just picking up your device in the morning and never leaving your house.

But the reality is the human contact, the interdependence that comes with trust, and that trust is formed one person, one conversation, one relationship, and in my way of thinking it still has to be a live conversation.

There is nothing that replaces the person to person relationship that gets developed looking at somebody, being in that space, being in that moment, and conveying how you really feel from the heart.

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