Traffic Anyone?

Dec 10

Traffic Anyone?

Point #2 Getting Traffic

Since you know that list building should be your first goal as you build your internet business, you should know that the better you are at driving traffic, the larger your list will be. The sooner you begin to drive traffic to your site and squeeze pages, the more profitable you’ll be. The quality of your product does not matter, your squeeze page doesn’t matter, your ethical bribe doesn’t have to be the greatest, all that matters is that a bunch of people who wants your services or products see it.

There are several different types of players, but basically, traffic is the flow of website visitors on an everyday basis. Websites are more successful when there is more targeted traffic. When a prospect goes to your website already having great interests in the subject matter, that’s known as targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is predisposed to taking action on your webpage.

In internet marketing, people struggle most with traffic. The reason is because people look for traffic after creating their product. This is the largest and costliest error that many people make. For best results, find traffic (people who wants certain products or services) first and then create a product they can use. Doing it this way, you won’t ever struggle to get visitors to your websites because all of your websites offer products that are in demand.

Let’s say that you have a limited budget and you want to open a wing shop. Since your budget is limited, you purchased the restaurant location in a back alley. You already have an amazing recipe for some specialty wing sauce, but your restaurant won’t get much customers because nobody will see your restaurant. Then you’d have to spend a lot of money to advertise. It makes no difference how great your product is if no one can find it on the internet. You have to look for existing flows of traffic and direct them to your website and your squeeze page or you’ll have to spend money and time to advertise.
There are many ways to direct traffic to your page. Here are a few of those: banner exchanges, social networking, video sites, SEO, forums, ezines, and many more including Pay Per Click advertising.


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