You Need a List of Buyers

Dec 09

You Need a List of Buyers

Point #1

Online, everything should revolve around you growing your subscriber list.

Your subscribers will become your customers, but they will also be what helps you achieve more subscribers. Growing a robust should be your main goal since the first day you start.

There are several different and unique ways to create a successful subscriber list, but it’s important to have subscribers that listen to yours points and have a relationship with you in the beginning. They will later transition into becoming your customers. Simply meaning that the most valuable subscribers are the ones that make a purchase with you. Several times, your subscribers will be following most of your lists. When a marketer refers to “his or her list” he or she is referring to the total lists comprised from multiple sources.

Some interested followers may be frustrated be an ethical bribe. And this is where selecting a niche or industry comes in. After selecting a niche or industry, provide a free resource to your subscribers. After your subscribers make a purchase, they are then your customers.

But if you want to build a list of subscribers, you’ll need a “Squeeze page.” A squeeze page is simply a miniature website that is designed to make your website’s visitor a new addition to your subscriber list. You will be gathering the information of your newly added subscribers through a “web-form.” Web-forms are made up of a name field, email field, and submit button. Once someone clicks submit, your website will store the newly gathered information in a database for later use. Once you have gathered all the details of your subscribers, you can bulk mail your subscribers to keep in contact with them.

As your list is consistently growing, you can monetize it by emailing unique promotional offers for affiliate products or even your products. For affiliate products, you’ll receive commission for each purchase. You can easily get someone to fill out your web-form through an “ethical bribe”, which is something valuable in exchange for their details. After submitting their web-form, you send them their “Free Gift.”

to be continued…